They’re Saying “Farmhouse” But They Mean “Plantation”

Farmhouse style homes have been a huge trend in the interior design and home decor industry.

The farmhouse style has been adopted by white, middle class families. This style includes simple furniture and decor reminiscent of old southern living. By using items one could find on a real farm, such as metal buckets and planters, the farmhouse style home gives one the feeling of stepping on to a southern plantation.

Why would the lastest trend in home decor and furnishings be to replicate a 1800’s southern plantation? I believe it makes the homeowner feel powerful. Does nobody see the problem with this?


This trend will not be chastised or exposed for what it really is because the very people who adopted the trend are middle class white folks. They invented this style many years ago, the only differences are that now these families don’t have to be wealthy to acheive the look and this time it isn’t being built on the backs of slaves.

Or is it?

The leading farmhouse style decor brand is Magnolia Home, which is built by Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Her brand prides itelf on being housed in Waco, Texas (right here in the U.S.!), which is an obvious pandering to the white, middle class, southern families who we can identify as U.S. nationalists and who celebrate products being made in America. By pandering to this audience and using tricky terminology such as “designed in Texas”, Magnolia Home brand has successfully reached their white southern audience. However, these products are NOT MADE IN AMERICA.

These consumers don’t actually care about the health, safety, and livlihood of the people overseas who are creating their home goods. It isn’t that they don’t know the products are made in Vietnam (because the items clearly state that fact on the bottom tag), it’s just that they have chosen to ignore the use of modern day slave labor overseas and to instead choose to pretend that “designed in Texas” means made in Texas.



2 thoughts on “They’re Saying “Farmhouse” But They Mean “Plantation”

  1. ROFLMAO Yep. It’s just so racist. Then, to America’s domestic enemies, everything a White does or doesn’t do is racist. Hence, the argument is false and little to nothing but evidence that those domestic enemies must be destroyed utterly unto their last misborn crotch-dropping. đŸ˜‰


    1. I do not believe that I am an enimy to America. I do believe that it is in poor taste to recreate and swoon over slavery-era aesthetics that directly correlate to slavery itself (southern plantation homes). It’s interesting that you stumbled upon my little-known blog seeing as you aggressively and actively hate people with “liberal” beliefs. I enjoy hearing opinions from all, so I am not offended by you and the time you took to read my post. Thank you for the read and comment! – Jenna


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