French Montana Donates $100,000 to Maternity Clinic In Uganda, The Weeknd Follows With Same Donation

When rapper French Montana released the music video for his newest single, Unforgettable Ft. Swae Lee, it seemed eerily similar to the trainwreck music video in Get Him To The Greek, where the popular singer performed his song in an all white robe outfit in front of poverty stricken children in Africa. In the movie, the world cringed at the video and the result was the demise of the artist’s career.

The difference with Montana’s video is that his cultural roots can be traced back to the continent of Africa, and the whole vibe of the video was celebratory of the culture as oposed to exploitation of it. French Montana is a crowd favorite, and his single went from gold to platinum very quickly.

Not only did his new single turn platinum, but he also made a huge contribution to a maternity clinic, Mama Hope, in Uganda. Montana donated $100,000 to the clinic to help mothers with prenatal and postnatal care as well as the childbirth process. Montana was raised in a village in Morocco for 13 years, and understands what living in poverty can be like. His visit to Uganda inspired him by interacting with families in poverty who create positivity in their difficult situations.

Montana has commented on his trip, saying, ” I feel like sometimes God puts you in a platform where you’re supposed to help other people”.

The most important outcome from Monatan’s donation and viral dance challenge (besides the immediate impact from the $100,000) was the spotlight he put on the organization and the people of Uganda. Raising awareness for causes that people don’t hear about everyday is one of the biggest impacts one can make. In fact, Montana’s donation has already inspired pop artist The Weeknd to match the donation of $100,000 a few weeks later.

To learn more about Mama Hope, visit


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