Drop and Adopt: A Trend To Lose and A Trend To Follow 2k17

Trends in streetwear come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with it all. It’s easier to elevate your wardrobe step by step by dropping a trend that’s phasing out and adopting a trend that’s growing. We usually look to celebrities, public figures, and streetwear Instagram pages to discover upcoming trends, but it can be overwhelming and it takes time to try out each new look to see if it works with your personal style.


“All black everything” was a trend that skyrocketed during 2016 and was an easy way to coordinate all of your pieces and look put together without too much effort in the morning. Unfortunately, streetwear trends are pointing towards having to put a bit more thought into your outfits by coordinating actual colors.

tumblr_nxgop5Z7Y21t8vflfo1_500 All black everything showcased an array of textures and fabrics and usually layered many articles of clothing to create some depth and interest. Recently, streetwear outfits have become a bit more simple in terms of layers and more interesting in terms of color. Popular streetwear brands have been cutting back on monochrome and releasing more colors and patterns. This could be because releasing limited colorways create a more exclusivity for the products, but whatever the reason, we are headed for color in 2017.


Pinks and peaches are making their way into men’s streetwear for 2017, especially this summer. Eath tones have been popular this past fall, and the tans and beiges that worked their way into streetwear have slowly become more blushy and are being reintorduced as pinks, salmons, and peaches. These colors have been seen recently in longline tee shirts, shorts, and short-sleeved hoodies and range from tropical peaches to pastel pinks to pale mauves.


This trend is catching on fast and can be found at many of your favorite retailers such as PacSun and even Zumiez. Pink can be a little intimidating for people who haven’t had experience in the light or bright hue, but like with any new addition to your style, confidence is your best accessory.

(Drake, Chris Brown, and DJ Khalad sporting pink hues 2017)



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