Bot That Life: Why You Haven’t Been Able To Get Limited Releases Online

Allow me to set the scene:

The night before a big Yeezy Boost 350 V2 limited release, you set your alarm clock for 12am. Why? You have to be prepared, and Adidas releases never include times.

You wake up at 12am, and log on to the Adidas page and the Yeezy Supply page on four different devices. You refresh the pages from 12am with the anticipation of a child on christmas eve. Every time you refresh the page, your heart skips a beat hoping that you will get the chance to own a pair of the most sought after shoes of all time.

At 6:47am, you are elated to see that all four devices have been allowed into the waiting room to buy the Yeezy 350 Boost V2’s. You stare at the screens with bloodshot eyes trying not to blink for too long so you don’t miss out on your chance.

Finally, at 8:17am, all four devices are refreshing. Your heart is beating so loud you can hear it in your ears, you get butterflies in your stomach as your long wait for the Yeezy Boosts is coming to an end…

And you get the SOLD OUT screen.

This feels like it happens every time there is a new limited release from a brand, especially Yeezy. We wait long hours with multiple devices trying to get the chance to become a proud owner of a rare product, but it seems as though we never get lucky.

Wanna know why?

Shoe collectors and resellers are using AI bots to scoop up hundreds or thousand of pairs of new release shoes. These bots use algorithms to penetrate the firewalls that keep the rest of us in waiting rooms on retail websites. In some cases, bots can allow the user to skip the waiting process, the shopping process, and send them straight to checkout with all of their information filled out for them.

Sneaker heads who are out to make a profit will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a reliable bot to ensure the purchase of a new release. The bot software allows you to get through to checkout through multiple retailers at once, and uses the information that the user pre-enters into the software to fill out shipping and billing information. While traditional sneaker heads have been waiting in line and playing fair, resellers have been cutting in line and taking advantage of the rest of us. They take all the pairs of shoes that they unfairly obtained and sell them to us for three times the price or more.

And we buy them!

We buy the shoes because our hearts are broken from the traumatic SOLD OUT situation and we know that visiting a resellers and spending an arm and a leg is the only way to get what retailers have convinced us are a necessesity. Bots can be purchased by anyone online, some only $200 and some over $2000. It all depends on how reliable you need or want the bot to be. A quick Google search of “bots to buy shoes” will turn up hundreds of links claiming to be the best and most reliable. The only way to really know is to either take a gamble and buy one, or to do your research and ask around.


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